How can we find lasting pleasure and security in a state of instability and transformation? 
Watering examines human tendencies to scramble for certainty and solid ground when we realise everything is in flux and continuous process. The work unravels questions about what it means to be intimate, repetitively unsettled and the notion of being in between.

An experimental dance work interested in the choreography of objects and bodies. Lauren Catellani has been undertaking practical research into the intertwining of dance and the visual arts with particular interest in how a live body can dismantle into non-living forms and how objects become surrogate performers.

Dancers: Ellen Hope Thomson, Sarah Sim and Mani Mae Gomes 

Sound Design: Alexander Turner


1 - 2 February | 7.00pm Atrium - Old Customs House 8 Phillimore Street, Fremantle

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